The professional skills, experience and personal commitment of your lawyer and your tax adviser can have a decisive impact on the success or otherwise of the matter in hand. In contrast to the trend being adopted by larger law firms, we have deliberately chosen to focus on being a small team capable of delivering real results on the ground.

By combining the disciplines of legal advice, tax advice and auditing, we are able to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business, and of your best interests. The closely-knit structure of our society delivers time and information benefits which we can use to further your interests. Whether you are a medium-sized company, a charitable organisation or a private individual, you can be sure of one thing - our full and undivided attention at all times.


Our remit which is automatically linked to the size of our society lies in specialist fields such as anti-trust law and copyright law. We work closely with renowned experts in these fields thus ensuring comprehensive client support.



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