Legal Consulting

We are pleased to place our expertise in all areas at the service of your best interests. We are delighted that this has not gone unremarked. For example, the current Elite report in the Handelsblatt journal, lists us as an elite team of foundation experts in the German-speaking region and writes:

"If any law firm in the Hanseatic city stands out in the field of foundation law, then it is this one. Many foundations' requests land here and are sent off into the future well-planned and skilfully structured"

Employment Legislation

For company bosses, German employment legislation is becoming more and more of a confusing matrix, and one strewn with pitfalls. More than ever before, it is now advisable to consult and involve a lawyer before taking major decisions such as relocating a business or restructuring one. We can assist you in drafting a legal basis for relations with your workforce.

In addition, senior staff can entrust us with the protection of their interests.

Please find a detailed list of our areas of consultancy here: Employment contracts, redundancies and dismissal, worker participation in management, company agreements, in-house tariff contracts, corporate restructuring and transitional periods, the balancing of interests and social security schemes.

We can protect your interests up to the point where a final agreement is reached. In dispute situations, we are committed to representing you in court, if necessary right through all the various levels.

Real estate

Builder-owners often experience disappointments with the building process and the handover / official approval of buildings: The 'deliverables', i.e. the outcomes, often differ substantially from the requirements that were originally specified. Quality standards are assured where the service provider knows full well at the time the contract is being signed that they cannot be delivered. Here, it is essential to bring a lawyer on board as an advisory partner. This will lay the groundwork for your subsequent success in the event of a dispute.

For years, we have been helping builder-owners to draft optimal contracts and procedural arrangements, and to create optimal taxation arrangements. We also advise property administration bodies and land owners on how best to resolve disputes with tenants. Thanks to our experience in a great many court cases, we have learned how to seek agreement at the right time, but also how to "go for the jugular" - always with your best interests at heart.

Company law

Company law is the key aspect in the development of business activities of almost any kind. A considerable part of all middle-sized German companies is structured in partnerships or corporations; such as for example capital companies or associations. There is no alternative to a suitable, often liability limiting legal form at the latest with increasing size and complexity of a company.

We support, advise and represent our clients in all the important areas of company law; such as for example in founding and the ongoing management of a company or group as well as with regard to shaping purchase and sale, reorganisation or successor structures. We are on hand in matters of financing and recovery also in the event of disputes among the associates or with the management.

We are on hand with comprehensive help and advice irrespective of whether you choose or operate a limited partnership, a limited liability company, incorporated company or any other legal form of entrepreneurial activity. In doing so, we are in a position to take into account adjacent problem areas in particular concerning tax and labour law due to our comprehensive consulting approach.

Inheritance arrangements

"What happens if ...?"

With sensitivity and a strong attention to detail, we work with you to devise the right answer to this highly personal and difficult question. In doing this, we place ourselves in your situation and base our recommendations for inheritance arrangements on your personal aims and objectives. We help you to turn your wishes into an enduring legacy. We can act as executors to your will.

We can also advise you on questions about inheritance law and related taxation issues, and on how best to utilise your assets. Whether for asset management, the founding of a family-owned business or the setting up of a foundation or trust fund - you will find us to be an experienced source of personally relevant advice.

Non-profit sector

The non-profit sector is gaining importance in Germany. At present, there are more than 21,000 charitable foundations and about 600,000 associations at the service of the general population. The non-profit limited liability company (gGmbH) is also becoming increasingly popular. Their range of activities and their asset bases are growing all the time. There is a good reason for this: The ratio of 'founder generation' and heirs has changed - demographically and personally. Either there is an absence of heirs, or these people lack the expertise to use the wealth in the spirit intended by the bequeathing party. Furthermore, general commitment to the not-for-profit principle is growing in significance because, due to a shortage of funds, the State is progressively withdrawing from areas such as culture and education.

Foundations lend themselves well as instruments for resolving problems of inheritance arrangements since they carry the ideas, dreams and visions of founders beyond their death, and safeguard the rights of their heirs. As a result, the founding and activities of a foundation can be a real challenge. Complex questions arise with regard to foundation law and tax legislation, and we are able to bring our expertise and experience to bear on your concerns. The partners in our firm are themselves board members of foundations and associations, committee members and curators, so understand these responsibilities from first-hand experience. We therefore link the skills from any related legal fields with our practical understanding to provide our clients with advice on a one-stop shop basis. Our law firm has already assisted in the founding of over 100 foundations and associations, and has also advised charitable companies, regional governments and Public Private Partnerships. We are a member of the consultancy committee of the Federal Association of German Foundations and work on a regular basis with the Institute for Foundation Law and the Law as it Relates to Non Profit Organisations at the Bucerius Law School.

We can provide you with support in all areas associated with foundation and foundation-specific tax legislation.

  • setting up a foundation
  • asset management
  • charitable donations
  • management of special purpose enterprises
  • formation of commercial business operations
  • project management
  • changes of purpose
  • liquidation mergers
  • amendments to articles of association
  • reorganisation
  • disputes with official bodies

Tax Law

The law regarding fiscal offences follows entirely different rules to those concerning standard criminal proceedings. For this reason, when defending an alleged instance of tax evasion, particular care and attention is required.

The fact that anyone suspected of an illegal action relating to taxation has a right to withhold information on the one hand, while on the other hand has an obligation to disclose information to the relevant tax office in any assessment procedure calls for a special degree of sensitive handling and close cooperation between lawyer and tax adviser. This is precisely where you stand most to gain from our combination of expertise in the fields of taxation and criminal law, and to benefit from the proximity of our legal and taxation departments.

Project finance

Many of our clients work as sponsors and develop various projects, in particular in the field of real estate, energy (including all forms of renewable energy), water and wastewater treatment and infrastructure projects. We give not only a complex tax and legal advice on all civil and public law issues but provide also business and strategic advice based on our experience and network.

Mergers und Acquisitions

We advise our clients on national and international mergers and acquisitions as well as joint ventures and compareable transactions. Together with our international partners, with whom we have detailed and longlasting work experience and which we choose together with our clients for the specific transaction, we work on both strategic and private equity transactions with a specific experience in the engineering, energy, automotive, trade, real estate and defense sector.

Equity Capital Markets

The ability to raise funds for the further growth of companies is essential and critical. We structured many transactions for clients and advised on the corporate and regulatory requirements of such transactions, including initial public offerings, listings, private placements and bonds. We give detailed guidance and help to develop and overcome the complex requirements of such transactions.

Investment Fonds

Fundraising is of utmost importance for the asset and business financing. We counsel our clients on tax efficient structures of funds and on latest market terms. We assist our clients in the structuring of the investment vehicle, consider the needs of the sponsor and the particular investment program and provide critical guidance throughout the project. We in particular have experience in private equity funds, real estate funds, asset funds, funding of pawnbrokers as well as mezzanine funds.

Hunting law, weapons ownership and farming law

Hunting law is a very diverse area:

  • hunting lease contracts
  • rounding arrangements
  • revocation of hunting permits
  • hunting accidents
  • diminutions in hunting value
  • shooting planning
  • weapons ownership
  • import and export
  • ownership of prohibited weapons and equipment

This is a field which combines problems of civil, criminal and administrative law. Advice and representation with proven expertise is therefore necessary.

Florian Asche has hunted for over thirty years. With his former practice as the legal ombudsman for regional hunting and nature conservation with the "Landesjagd- und Naturschutzverband Hamburg e.V." and as a former Senior Board Member of hunting lobbyist "Förderkreis Jagdpolitik e.V." he has spent many years advising hunters, hunting bodies, owners of hunting estates, associations and the public sector. He advises the DJZ in hunting law matters and is a freelncer for the magazine JÄGER. Mr. Asche is a member of the board of the Foundation Forest and Game in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the advisory board of Jägerstiftung Mensch + Natur. He has addressed a multitude of questions in this area through his many publications and lectures. In so doing, he has also always viewed matters in relation to borderline issues associated with farming law and ensuring fundamental property rights.

Florian Asche has looked after a large number of acquisitions of woodland, forests and land, privatisations and agricultural businesses. As an enthusiastic forester himself, he is able to combine private passion with a keen and highly informed legal mind when representing his clients.

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