Florian Asche Partner bei ASG

Dr Florian Asche

Attorney at Law & Partner

“I see it as my personal fortune to be able to combine my work as an attorney at law with my passion for nature, the forest and hunting.”

Professional background

2006 Merger to form ASG Asche Stein Glockemann Verstl Wiezoreck
1999 Establishment of the law firm Asche Stein & Glockemann
1997 Licenced as an attorney
1997 2nd state examination in law in Jena
1996 Doctorate on "Product Placement in Feature Films"
1993 1st state examination in law
1989 - 1993 Studied law and history in Göttingen and Würzburg
1987 - 1989 Reserve officer training in Lüneburg

Born in 1968 in Hamburg

Married, 2 children

Personal interests

  • Nature, hunting, forest
  • Art, history and literature
Florian Asche ASG

Dr Florian Asche
Tel. +49 40 413441-0


Social Commitment

  • Board of Directors, Max Schmeling Foundation [Max Schmeling Stiftung]
  • Board of Directors, Jürgen and Felicitas Grupe Foundation [Jürgen und Felicitas Grupe Stiftung]
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors, Forest and Wildlife Foundation [Stiftung Wald und Wild] in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
  • Advisory Board, Hunter Foundation [Jägerstiftung]
  • Membership in various non-profit associations


  • Foundation law
  • Inheritance law
  • Corporate law
  • Hunting law


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  • 2002-2007 Editor of the Non Profit Law Yearbook at Bucerius Law School
  • "The Softening of the System of Factual Prohibitions according to Section 19 BJagdG by the Federal States – End of Hunting Ethics", in: Deutscher Jagdrechtstag [German Hunting Law Day], Vol. XX, pp. 1 – 14
  • various hunting-related and fictional publications