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We are the right partner for your company

Our team of experienced auditors will show you the potential that lies in your financial statements. In the field of audits, ASG advises and audits mainly large and medium-sized owner-managed partnerships and corporations with the involvement of our internal auditing firm, ASGB Revisions- und Treuhand GmbH.

Our auditors serve a wide range of clients

In addition to the statutory audits required by law, we also carry out audits of annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements required by articles of association or requested on a voluntary basis. We thoroughly analyse the findings of our audits. Together with our clients, we then discuss existing possibilities for increasing the value of the audited companies and groups of companies. This is because audits are – correctly used – a valuable instrument with real added value that goes far beyond the fulfilment of legal obligations. In order to exploit all potential, we offer a complete range of consulting and auditing services that comprehensively meet all the requirements in the area of auditing.

High level of quality

The quality of our audits is high, and they are regularly checked by external quality controls. Our internal auditing firm, ASGB Revisions- und Treuhand GmbH, is registered as a statutory auditor in accordance with Section 38 No. 2f of the Public Auditors Act [Wirtschaftsprüferordnung, WPO] in the professional register of the Chamber of Auditors.

Core competencies in auditing

Our core competencies in auditing include not only the statutory and voluntary audits of annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements, but also reviews of annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements as well as general audits and expert opinions (e.g. in connection with the formation of companies, conversions, liquidations, capital measures), internal audits, support in corporate transactions and business consulting services.

Our experienced auditors will work with you to analyse the risks that arise for your business areas and the places where they can be transformed into opportunities and new potential. In addition, we stand for high-quality and comprehensive tax audits in cooperation with our tax experts and guarantee you the highest data quality, without compromises, even with regard to the tax situation of your company or group of companies.

Your personal contacts

Our special fields
in auditing

  • Statutory and voluntary audits of annual, interim and consolidated financial statements
  • Auditory reviews of annual, interim and consolidated financial statements
  • Audit and appraisal tasks of any kind, e.g. in the case of formations of companies, conversions, liquidations and capital measures
  • Internal auditing activities of all kinds (e.g. audits of embezzlement and compliance, audits of internal control systems)
  • Accompaniment of company transactions (e.g. expert opinions on company valuations, due diligence audits)
  • Business management consulting of any kind, in particular preparation or auditing of planning calculations, setting up controlling systems, rating consulting, financing consulting.

What we
do for you

  • Close collaborative work with tax consultants and attorneys
  • Experienced auditors
  • Our own auditing firm
  • Small, assertive team
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • High service awareness
  • Thorough risk/opportunity analyses in every development phase
  • Regular, certified external quality controls
  • Auditing from A to Z